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XR wear-resistant steels

XR wear-resistant steels have proved successful in various applications in which wear and abrasion are major cost factors. Thanks to their high hardness, wear can be minimized and component life increased.

The wide range of XR grades allows designers to choose the optimum steel for the particular application taking loading and production conditions into account. XR steels have found a wide range of applications in important areas of engineering.

XR is available in various grades from 300 to 600 HBW and thicknesses from 4 to 100 mm, tailored to particular applications, such as mining equipment, earthmoving machinery, steel mill and cement plant equipment, agricultural machinery, etc.

Hardox Extreme steel

Hardox wear plate is designed to deliver great performance and a long wear life. You can maximize both by choosing just the right plate for your specific application and requirements.

With its combination of high hardness, strength and toughness, Hardox steel has proven itself as the abrasion-resistant steel of choice for extending the service life of equipment, parts and structures in the most challenging environments.