Wanford LLC

About Wanford


Wanford is a comprehensive company that takes care of all your procurement and project needs. As an excellent inventory and distributors, we can provide  materials to various industries such as: electricity, oil and gas, paper, mining, energy and other large projects to provide products and services.

We specialize in the supply of industrial equipment, pipes, fittings, flanges and valves. And we also supply tools, equipments and spare parts for mining industries. The size and structure of our organization, our financial independence and a high degree of transparency and reliability make us a strong partner for our customers and suppliers.

We act as a procurement and project provider for many local and overseas companies. Our strive is to meet the standard of our customers for the highest levels of quality, security and environmental conviction. We are your one stop shop, your supply chain partner that makes your transactions easier, quicker and more efficient.

Product range

Flexibility is part of our product range.

Wanford can supply standard and specially manufactured materials made strictly in accordance with your project specifications. We can supply materials both from stock or, where appropriate, we can arrange for materials to be specially manufactured in order to meet your project specific needs. You define our product range, so contact us with your requirements.


Quality is our claim. Your success is our ambition.

For Wanford, quality has always been an absolute priority. As we recognize that only top-quality products and services can continue to guarantee that you as our customer can successfully complete your projects. Our goal is to provide you with these high quality products and services day after day.